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World CNG is an established leader in the alternative fuel vehicle industry, specializing in the aftermarket conversion of small- and medium-duty passenger and cargo vehicles from conventional gasoline to compressed natural gas.
The company’s comprehensive product line caters to a variety of public and private fleets and transit and paratransit operators. With a technical and sales staff that includes some of the industry’s leading experts in CNG vehicle technology, World CNG is uniquely qualified to work with fleet managers from across the country to develop customized vehicle procurement and financing solutions that seamlessly integrate with any fleet.


World CNG technology is optimally designed to work with existing hardware rather than around it, so that vehicles operate as if no modification was made. Every World CNG conversion system is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and features top-of-the-line all-composite fuel tanks, electronically controlled solenoid valves, and custom-manufactured steel shielding. ASE-certified automotive technicians with additional endorsements in alternative fuel systems conduct a rigorous suite of quality control measures to ensure that every CNG system complies with National Fire Protection Association and NGV2 safety guidelines. As a final safety and compliance check, World CNG’s Certified CNG Cylinder Inspectors conduct a thorough 25–point inspection of every converted vehicle.


World CNG’s product line covers the full gamut of fleet vehicles – sedans, trucks, mini- and full-sized vans and shuttle buses – and uses EPA- and CARB-certified engine kits from the following manufacturers:

  • The economic and environmental costs of conventional fuel affect organizations of all sizes but especially those with fleets of vehicles that consume thousands of gallons of fuel every year
  • World CNG’s mission is to provide fleets with natural gas-powered vehicles that save money on fuel and maintenance costs and produce significantly fewer harmful emissions than conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles
  • With industry-leading warranty coverage, a comprehensive onsite inventory, and an established network of experts, World CNG provides its customers nationwide with unparalleled product design and exceptional technical support

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