Rising Demand for Natural Gas Conversions: Medium Duty Trucks


Click F series truck

As the price of gasoline continues to climb with no end in sight, companies heavily dependent upon fossil fuels are turning more and more to compressed natural gas (CNG). This trend has recently become increasingly popular amongst medium duty trucks with short haul applications. The CNG landscape has shown an increase in technological workmanship that has enabled fleets to rely on alternative fuels more frequently. As a result, CNG vehicle technology manufacturers are seeing an increased demand for CNG conversions.

Recently, World CNG performed a conversion for Click Wholesale Distributing, a Kent based wine, beer and spirits distributor. Click Distributing was recently awarded “Fleet of the Month” by Beverage World Magazine for their initial and continuing commitment to cleaner alternative fuels.

For Click’s delivery needs, an F-650 box truck was converted to run entirely on CNG. Conversions for medium duty trucks are becoming increasingly popular amongst fleet managers looking to reduce fuel expenditures and increase sustainability.

Up until recently, many fleet managers have been skeptical of CNG applications to their vehicles. However, a significant portion of those concerns have been addressed with the increase of CNG fueling infrastructure and upgraded technology.

When asked about the performance of the dedicated fuel system installed in the F-650 Click Wholesale Distribution’s operations manager, Vaughn Sommerseth stated, “The truck runs great! It still has power, drives smoothly and, at this time, there is no loss due to the conversion. Fueling has been equal time to that of diesel fueling, so there is no impact in that department. There is no smell or odor around the truck as some previous reports led us to believe. The mileage is also right around the forecast. All numbers are in line, and we are very pleased. We can’t wait until the next truck!”

In addition to the benefits that Click Distributing is experiencing, many CNG vehicle operators are surprised by the reduction of engine noise. Although this is a smaller benefit, it is worth noting when comparing your next purchase of a diesel, gasoline, or natural gas truck.

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