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President Obama Announces Funding for Breakthroughs in Natural Gas as Alternative Fuels for Vehicles

This was big news during President Obama’s State of the Union Address last month, but now we’re finally seeing some details into the plan that was announced.

From U.S. Department of Energy:…

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World CNG-built Ford Escapes featured at event with President Obama

World CNG is proud and delighted to see two CNG-powered Ford Escapes, both built at our Seattle-area facility, in a photo of President Obama at a recent speech in Las Vegas, Nevada. President Obama gave the speech in front of numerous CNG-powered vehicles to push the clean energy themes of his latest State of the …

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President Obama praises natural gas in his State of the Union Address

During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama gave high praise to American-made energy and specifically called for the development of natural gas. Here is the excerpt from his speech that talks specifically about using natural gas:

This is a huge push for the natural gas industry, and points to a very bright …

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Obama’s Energy Blueprint Pushes Natural Gas to Forefront

Support from the government is exactly what the CNG industry needs. This is key to spreading the use of CNG nationwide, and will ultimately result in lower costs all around. Yesterday was definitely a 1-2 punch to help out the natural gas industry!

From NGV Global:

US President Barack Obama has used a speech delivered …

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U.S. imported 382 million barrels of oil in August, spending USD 29.3 billion

Summer may be over, but our reliance on foreign oil definitely is not. Reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil is one of the key goals of WorldCNG, but convincing our country to start moving toward fuels such as natural gas has not been easy. In this article posted by US Gas Vehicles, T. Boone …

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Obama calls for more clean energy credits

In this video from the Associated Press via The Washington Post, President Obama called on congress during his speech at UNLV in Las Vegas to expand the clean energy credits program, saying that he is urging congress to put $5 billion more into clean energy tax breaks. This amount of money is more than double …

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Obama Administration Releases New Fuel Efficiency Rules

While not directly related to CNG, the Obama Administration’s new fuel efficiency rules make it clear that creating a cleaner environment with less emissions is definitely on the minds of those in Washington.  Setting these new standard can only help the CNG cause, since hybrids and full-electric vehicles are still comparatively expensive when compared to a CNG-powered …

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Obama’s expansion of offshore drilling

Obama’s plan to expand offshore drilling includes a great deal of natural gas, which of course is a key benefit for anyone with a CNG converted vehicle.  This ultimately will lower costs even more along with promoting cleaner air overall.  From the desk of T. Boone Pickens comes this e-mail:…


We’ve got their attention

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