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The NAT GAS Act of 2011 was introduced in the U.S. Congress

We’ll see if it will actually pass this time. Previous attempts for this type of legislation failed, but with the current push toward natural gas usage for transportation, this could very well be gaining strength.

From US Gas Vehicles:

April 11, 2011. The New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions (NAT GAS) of 2011 was …

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Congress continues incentives for natural gas vehicles

While the vehicle tax credits were not extended yet, the continuing of incentives shows that the US Government is definitely showing interest in CNG for vehicle fuel, and is not simply brushing things under the rug during the lame duck session of Congress.

From US Gas Vehicles:

December 21, 2010. Congress took an important step …

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CA, OR, and MA Lead list of Top 10 Clean-Energy States

It’s good to see Washington State in the #4 spot, but there’s really no reason Washington can’t be higher up on the list. It shows that we’re doing well, but we definitely have a lot of ground to cover to get better. Creating more incentives and reasons for businesses to look into alternative fuels is …

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U.S. imported 382 million barrels of oil in August, spending USD 29.3 billion

Summer may be over, but our reliance on foreign oil definitely is not. Reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil is one of the key goals of WorldCNG, but convincing our country to start moving toward fuels such as natural gas has not been easy. In this article posted by US Gas Vehicles, T. Boone …

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Clean energy: China charges ahead of world

While this doesn’t talk about natural gas or CNG specifically, we all know that China’s energy policies definitely involve the use of CNG, and is a major part of T. Boone Pickens’ efforts to get the United States to follow suit. A key part of this article quotes US Rep. Jay Inslee (D – WA), …

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Proposed energy bill provides almost $4B in subsidies for natural gas vehicles

While it looks like Congress will not be getting to this bill until their next legislative session later this year, we felt it was still important to share the news about this bill given its importance to natural gas usage in transportation. Almost $4 billion in subsidies shows that progress is being made toward moving …

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Obama calls for more clean energy credits

In this video from the Associated Press via The Washington Post, President Obama called on congress during his speech at UNLV in Las Vegas to expand the clean energy credits program, saying that he is urging congress to put $5 billion more into clean energy tax breaks. This amount of money is more than double …

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WorldCNG partners with Marriott Hotel Sea-Tac, WA for natural gas shuttle fleet

Natural gas shuttles reduce green house gas emissions and fuel costs simultaneously

SEA-TAC, Wash., June 14, 2010 – Seattle Marriott Hotel of Sea-Tac, WA in collaboration with WorldCNG, have completely revamped their shuttle bus fleet with three brand new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) shuttle buses. These buses achieve the same miles per gallon as gasoline …

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Video Coverage of the WorldCNG Open House

The WorldCNG Open House on May 26th was a great success, and we had a few special guests speak before the Open House in regards to the use of alternative fuels, supporting local businesses, and a bit of CNG’s history in the Puget Sound region. We covered these speeches and more from our Open House, …

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